Our Services ;


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                                              Review Engagement

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Why Us;

  • We truly care about helping to sustain and improve your business.
  • We are passionate, vibrant and forward looking in providing strategies for your business
  • Our values help us to offer the very best service. We believe in Reliability, Commitment, Understanding and Passion, Performance, Excellence
  • We speak your language. Our staff can communicate in languages both Samoan and English. This helps us to truly understand your needs and circumstances of different business community races.
  •  Our clients range from Non Profit Organisations (such as churches, charitable trusts, sports and so on) to privately owned companies and we provide computerised financial systems installations and trainings for some of the Government Corporations.
  • We are versatile because our industry experience is unbelievably diverse. Our three partners which specialises in Systems, Financials & Auditing and Sporting gives us the competitive edges in providing various services to different organisations and the variety of our clients such as churches and travel agents to automotive engineers and investment property companies and interalia. Our Partners also have experience working on very large multi-nationals like insurance companies, offshore banks and marketing driven companies.

Our clients experienced the following results:

  • Personalised services that are tailored to suit their needs, time constraints and budget.
  • Growth from a simple start-up to a successful business because of our timely advice
  • Timely reporting to meet regulatory deadlines.
  • We have recovered  refunds for a some of our clients which ultimately assist with cashflows problem.